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Transfield Holdings specialises in the development and management of businesses that are focused on industrial services, infrastructure and renewable energy. Our current portfolio includes Novatec Solar, Perisher and the Sydney Harbour Tunnel.


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Transfield Holdings Sells its Shareholding in Transfield Services

Transfield Holdings today sold all of its 11.3% holding in Transfield Services (ASX: TSE). At the same time, 0.4% of TSE which was owned by the Belgiorno-Nettis family and associated holdings was also sold.

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Transfield Holdings takes an active interest in the community because it understands the positive impact its business can have on personal well-being and society. The company continues its history of supporting community organisations in two different ways: through philanthropic grants by the Transfield Foundation and direct sponsorships.

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Transfield Holdings Q&A

Since February 2014, Transfield Holdings has been in the media, primarily regarding the company's relationships with Transfield Services and the Biennale of Sydney. This Q&A addresses questions that have frequently been asked during that period.

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Our People


Transfield Holdings’ executive team includes professionals with extensive experience in the analysis and management of investments in the services, property and infrastructure sectors. The Transfield Holdings Advisory Board provides objective and independent advice to executive management. The board is chaired by David Gonski AC and supported by other non-executive advisors Michael Carapiet and Glenn Fraser.

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Transfield Pty Ltd
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