Transfield's 60th Anniversary

Transfield Historical Milestones: The First Fifty Years was launched in 2006 to celebrate the company's fiftieth anniversary. Written by historian, Dr. Gianfranco Cresciani the website detailed 19 milestones in Transfield's colourful and diverse history.

Now, a decade later, Transfield's sixtieth anniversary is being marked with the launch of this updated version, Transfield Historical Milestones: The First Sixty Years. Augmenting Dr. Cresciani's work this website introduces three new milestones, reflecting the company's recent activities. These are Milestone 20: Campus Living Villages; Milestone 21: Novatec Solar and Milestone 22: Transfield Foundation.

As well as generally updating the existing work of Dr. Cresciani this revamped platform also includes Milestone 23: 60 Years: A Balance Sheet, which houses a host of recently-recorded video conversations between people significant to Transfield's history.

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