Chapter Four

He and Salteri had to face EPT's resentment for poaching the company's field staff, as well as for the loss of their managerial and technical skills and for challenging EPT's until then monopolistic control of the transmission lines construction market.

AI&S' contract put on notice clients and competitors alike that Transfield was here to stay and to play an increasingly important role in the industrial development of Australia. The new company made a deep impression for its workmanlike approach and devotion to schedule.


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1960s. One of Seven Hills workshops. Circa 1959-60. Franco Belgiorno-Nettis in his office at Transfield House, North Sydney. 1960s. Interior of the heavy workshop, Seven Hills, showing two 25-tonne overhead cranes. 1960s. Seven Hills. Detail of fabrication area. The open-air fabrication area at Seven Hills, late 1950s. 1960s. Large bifurcate ducting for the Burrendong Dam being fabricated at Seven Hills.