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In 1961, time had come for Transfield to consolidate, to expand and "to express its appreciation", as Franco stated, "to the Australian people for the help and encouragement we have received during the past six years". Time had come for Transfield to adopt a perspective broader than the prevailing narrow, utilitarian, money-oriented one, and to be heavily involved in the promotion of the arts.



1966. Salteri pins a 10 year badge on Franco. 1960s. Franco at the helm of Transfield-built fast boat Trin Franco at his office in Transfield House, North Sydney, in the early 1960s. Belgiorno-Nettis and Salteri on the thirteenth floor of Transfield House in the early 1960s. 1966. Transfield workers during a naturalisation ceremony at Port Kembla. 1960s. Zincline's galvanising plant at Seven Hills. 1968. Transfield's jinker negotiating a difficult corner while transporting a girder from Seven Hills. 1968. Loading a girder at Seven Hills. 1960s. Seven Hills. Fabrication superintendent Peter Yiannikos and Machine Shop Foreman Frank Torrisi. Circa 1963-64. Aerial view of Seven Hills factory. 1960s. Aerial view of the Seven Hills factory. 1966. Franco pins on Giancarlo Cecchini his 10-year long service badge. 1957. Transfield workers erect steelwork at their first job ever, the Port Kembla Slabbing Mill.