Chapter One

During its first fifty years of operations Transfield's contribution to the arts has enriched and changed for good Australia's cultural landscape.  

The arts, as well as engineering, have been an enduring passion for Franco Belgiorno-Nettis. During his childhood in Apulia, he marvelled at the steel works forged by his gifted blacksmith father, Giovanni, and while a young prisoner-of-war in India, he spent his time learning painting from some of his fellow inmates. Even at a late stage of his long life, during the 'Nineties, he expressed his indomitable energy and creativity by casting, assisted by Transfield's cook cum sculptor Gennaro Santucci, the figure of an enormous, eight-metre high horse, Equus Magnus, at his property at Terry Hills, Sydney, and by sculpting stone figures for his tomb at Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery.


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2000. Franco sculpting a statue for his tomb. Franco riding his sculpture, Equus Magnus, at Terrey Hills, Sydney.