Chapter Eight

Franco served on the Boards of several arts institutions, such as the Art Gallery of NSW, the Dobell Foundation, Arts Exhibition Australia, the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council. Marco was the Chairman appointed of the Powerhouse Museum and Guido chairs the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

For his patronage of the arts, Transfield's founder was often eulogistically called an Australian Medici. Perhaps a more fitting description of his character was made in 2002 by journalist Sally Loane, when she said that "the diminutive frame and soft voice belie the power and influence Dr Belgiorno-Nettis has wielded in corporate Australia for 46 years... his sharp mind is honed by a continuing enthusiasm for new art, technology and projects... if engineering drove his head, art drove his heart".    


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2004. Guido Belgiorno-Nettis, Chairman of the Australian Chamber Orchestra, with Premier Carr. Franco, the new Medici, by Pio Carlone.