Chapter Two

A migrant from Italy, who found employment at Transfield's Port Kembla works, recounted his first experience as follows: "When I got off the ship I dressed myself in a new off-white suit. I wanted to be spruce, landing in a new country. My brother laughed when we met. "Where are you going in that fancy rig-out?" he demanded... I walked off the train at Port Kembla black... During the first six months I wanted to die. I was crying all the time".



Page Media:

1955. The migrant ship MV Flaminia leaving Trieste for Australia. 1956. An Italian migrant in his best attire in front of his camp tent in Western Australia. 1957. An Italian migrant in Canberra, pondering on his one-way voyage to Australia. 1956. Italian migrant workers cooking in a makeshift kitchen in the Western Australian bush.