Chapter Four

During the 1950s and 1960s, both EPT and Transfield workforce was predominantly Italian, about 80%, the rest coming from other European countries, while a smattering of Anglo-Australians were employed mainly in supervisory, administrative and managerial positions.

Soon, the way Transfield was treating its employees came to the attention of their competitors and of the Australian Press. In 1968, Melbourne's Age reported: "Typical of the thinking of Italian-owned companies, Transfield adopts an almost paternalistic attitude toward its employees. Workers on the job are pampered, the company provides first-class accommodation, with air-conditioning where necessary. TV too and high quality meals for as little as 50 cents. And after two years with the company, the newly arrived immigrant can fly home with his family for half fare on a company subsidised scheme".


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1958. Living quarters at Seven Hills. 1958. Living quarters at Port Kembla.