Chapter Two

As was the case for Transavia, Transfield's long-term involvement in winemaking was also the result of a casual remark made by a young winemaker in far-away Northern Italy.

In 1975, a vigneron from Griffith, NSW, went to Alba, Italy, to visit his parents. During a conversation with a local winemaker, Carlo Corino, they spoke about employment in Australia. Half jokingly, Corino said: "If you can find me a job, I will go there".

Few days later, Corino received in Alba a call from Transfield, Sydney, telling him in no uncertain terms "You come here. We will pay the fare. You stay here 2 or 3 weeks. You have a look around and you make up your mind". That was the way Transfield was doing business at that time.


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Vigneron Carlo Corino at work in Montrose laboratory at Mudgee, NSW.