Chapter Six

In June 1987, Montrose purchased Mudgee's Amberton Wines. This move, following Montrose's takeover of Craigmoor Winery in 1983, was an indicator of the success of Transfield's foray into the wine business. Craigmoor was the oldest winery in NSW, dating back to 1860, planting the first chardonnay grapes in Australia.

At a time when Montrose's sales in the United States were booming, the new acquisitions increased Montrose's grape intake to about 1,000 tonnes and its area under vine by 80 hectares. Part of the old building was converted into a restaurant, managed by Corino's wife, Franca. The restaurant fast acquired a reputation as the finest place to eat in the district.  

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People queue for food at Montrose’s restaurant managed by Corino’s wife, Franca.