Chapter Eight

Supply and erection of transmission lines was also in great demand. In 1985, Transfield built four transmission lines in Sabah, for a total of 184 towers. By 1995, the Company had laid some 600 kilometres of transmission lines throughout Malaysia and Thailand, as well as securing the contract, worth $150 million, for the development of the new Kuching port, in Sarawak. By 1996, transmission line work won in Malaysia totalled more than $150 million.

Beside Sabemo's excellent construction record in Vietnam, Transfield contributed heavily to the infrastructure of Asia's expanding economies. In 1991, Thailand commissioned the construction of six conveyors at the Mae Moh lignite mine, and in September 1993 a conveyor system capable of carrying 1,800 tonnes per hour was completed for the Chinese government on the fringes of the Gobi Desert. Transfield also built a 1,200 tonnes per hour cement and clinker shiploader at Tong Ling, in Shanghai.    


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Transfield’s powerline workers at Lampang, Thailand. Franco Belgiorno-Nettis at the site of a transmission tower in Sarawak.