Chapter Four

With its decision to launch the first Biennale of Sydney in 1973, Transfield wrote a new chapter in the history of art in Australia. On 23 November, in the recently completed Sydney Opera House, the first Biennale of Sydney was opened by the none other than freshly elected grand statesman himself, Prime Minister Gough Whitlam.

The first Biennale exhibited 14 overseas artists- most from the neighbouring countries of South-East Asia- and 22 Australian artists; among them Fred Williams, John Olsen and Robert Klippel. John Coburn, author of the Opera House's magnificent stage curtains, designed the poster advertising the event.


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1973. Opening of the first Biennale of Sydney. Dr Coombs, P.M. Gough Whitlam, Sculptress Minami Tada and Franco. 1973. Opening of the first Biennale of Sydney. The Transfield Art Collection. Fred Williams, winner of the 1964 Transfield Art Prize. 1976. Franco and Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, who opened the second Biennale of Sydney.