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By 2006, Transfield Holdings had reasserted itself by successfully listing Transfield Services and CharterHall, by diversifying into social infrastructure with Campus Living and by acquiring a strategic stake in Australian Biodiesel Group.

One of the key aspects that differentiated the new Transfield from the old, was the adoption of a collegiate style of management. This approach favoured active discussion, more in keeping with the expectations of modern executives. The new Transfield Holdings became a unique place to work in, a business where senior executives participated fully in decision-making, challenged and motivated by responsibilities in the outcomes that they often determined.

By 2006, the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of Transfield Holdings, the company had re-invented its business, rekindling market confidence and steering towards new and profitable directions.


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Transfield at work at Walsh Bay. Artist impression of the Walsh Bay redevelopment by Walsh Bay Finance, the consortium formed by Transfield and Mirvac. The Walsh Bay precinct under redevelopment. Signing of the Walsh Bay redevelopment.